MARINA Collection

Our most basic range, a reference point when it comes to Provençal-style bedrooms and dining rooms for those in search of functionality, but using natural materials that bring warmth to the house rooms.

You will find master bedrooms, kids bedrooms, lounges, dining-rooms and all the accessories in the traditional colours of Provence furniture: honey and walnut.

NEVA Collection

The NEVA range is our bet on contemporary neoclassical-style furniture for those who expect furniture to have a distinctive character which fills the room with a sturdy, imposing presence. Finely designed with details of craftmanship and a premium quality finish.

Also available in white colour for those who want to give their homes a more modern touch without compromising the shape and presence of this design. Besides, we offer the possibility of combining it with a beige finish on the front parts, the latest trend in the market.

This collection is available in two colours, walnut and white. Its versatility allows combinations of these two colours with three possible front part colours: walnut, white and beige.

OCEAN Collection

With a rustic-colonial-style furniture concept, the Ocean range reveals a wealth of small details in shapes and finishes as well as in the quality of wood or metal components, all in perfect harmony.

The Ocean collection is available in two colours: walnut and white. The walnut colour creates a relaxing warm ambience that enriches your home with the passing of the years. With the white colour you will obtain a typically mediterranean fresh atmosphere i.e. the complicity of natural light.

In the teen bedrooms in white colour we want the most important person in the house to grow up surrounded by furniture full of personality and good taste.